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View Executive Internet Business Card (IBC) Samples:  1  -  2  -   3  -  4  - 5  - 6  for ideas about your marketing power points.

The basic format of these Samples is the format of your Executive IBC


Each Executive IBC may include:
  • Your Business or Service Heading

  • Your Personal Contact Information

  • Your Business Contact Information

  • Your business and/or educational background

  • Up to 15 business bullet points

  • Up to three photos in jpg format

  • Up to two pdf format files

Standard IBC:  $30 Set Up  - $120 Annual Fee - See Pricing and Procedure

This Form used for IBC Order

Suggested Personal Information could include:

Name: ____________________________________________________

Home Address: ____________________________________________

City: _____________________________  State: ______________  Zip Code: _________________

Home Telephone with Area Code:______________________________

Cellular Phone: _______________________________

E-mail: _________________________________________________

Resume: In pdf form if possible

Suggested Business Information could include:

Business Name: ______________________________________________

Business Address: ____________________________________________

City: _____________________________  State: ______________  Zip Code: _________________

Business Telephone with Area Code:______________________________

Fax with Area Code: ______________________________________

Web Site URL: ____________________________________________________

Brochure: In pdf form if possible  Photos: in JPG format if possible    If not possible see IBC Order Procedure, Fees and Disclosure

You may attach printed or typed list of up to 15 items to bullet point under "Products and Services"

Choose an IBC Background below as "A1", or you may order standard colors as light blue, grey, or E-mail your favorite background color/design in jpg format.  Enter background Choice here: _____________________________

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For IBC Marketing Ideas - 5 Contact Rule - Using the Executive IBC go to IBC Marketing System


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