Your Executive IBC Assistant Order Procedure, Pricing, Privacy and Disclosure


Subscription Purchase Procedure

  1. Complete and print the Executive IBC Marketer Information

  2. E-mail Executive IBC Marketer Information in pdf format or Word format, or if fax, please see below.*

  3. E-mail Photos in jpg format; for color fax or snail mail instruction see fax number or address below.*

  4. Deliver initial annual payment ($120) and Set Up fee ($30) for a total of  $150 US to IBC Marketing Group.  Additional fees may apply. Please see below.*

  5. When complete information and payment is received a standard Internet Business Card is generally posted to the Internet within approximately seven days.

  6. You will receive an E-mail confirming receipt of IBC information and an E-mail confirming Internet presence of your IBC

  7. Please contact IBC Marketing for questions and corrections

  8. A standard IBC Internet Business Card is renewable annually

  9. Your choice of one change* annually is allowed for either your company name, product feature, photo, or pdf format file.

  10. *Additional changes may incur additional fees

  11. Please observe legal business protocol concerning compliance with securities, insurance, real estate, service businesses, manufacturers and all publications requiring permission of regulatory and responsible entities.

Disclosure and Compliance: IBC Marketing Group reserves the right to refuse Executive Internet Business Card applications that IBC Marketing Group deems unsuitable, unethical or illegal for Public viewing.  Certain submitted applications as securities marketing must submit compliance authorization to IBC Marketing Group for application acceptance.  IBC Privacy Statement & Terms of Use




Standard Executive IBC Set Up Fee:   $30.00 US

Standard Executive IBC Annual Fee: $120.00 US     i.e. First year $150.00 US and $120.00 annually for renewal*

Paid by Personal Check, Business Check, Certified Check or Money Order   Orders cannot be processed without payment. Checks incur a $30.00 fee for each deposit refusal or failure of your financial institution to honor.

Each Executive IBC may include:

NOTE: *Additional Fees:   When IBC Marketing must format a photo or document from other than JPG or PDF format, additional fees are incurred

Each Photo Set Up from color fax or original photo or PDF Set Up prepared from a document please add $40 US for each article set up.  Add $10.00 US for each article to annual fee for each additional photo, document or PDF to the IBC above standard IBC criteria document number.  Standard size of photos, documents and PDF is 150 kb or less.  IBC Marketing reserves the right to refuse preparation or advise of additional fees to prepare what IBC marketing feels is complex.

IBC Marketing will E-mail a renewal request at each subscription 12 month period end. A 15 days grace period may be allowed for snail mail payment. IBC Marketing Group reserves the right to annually adjust subscription fees.

IBC Order Form


All communications are to be directed to:


IBC Marketing Group

5654 Marquesas Circle

Sarasota, FL 34233

Phone: 800.333.0801

Voice Message Only: 941.227.3024

Fax: 888.898.6009

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