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*SHIPP:  Senior Health Insurance Information Program created in 1990 by the Iowa Insurance Division                       


Iowa law can be used to guarantee the protection of Iowa assets from Medicaid asset depletion for Long-Term Care.  The Iowa Legislature passed Chapter 249G, IAC 191-72 in 1993.

 It This Iowa law allows for the sale of a compliant Long Term Care Insurance policy in Iowa to protect an Iowan’s assets dollar for dollar, should Medicaid be necessary to pay for health care costs.

Penn Treaty Network America Insurance Company is a company that has a policy that complies with this Iowa law. The Iowa Partnership Law is very unique. What is paid in benefits is protected from asset spend down to qualify for Medicaid, and from the Federal mandated Estate RecoveryMany Iowans are afraid of losing assets just for an average stay in a nursing home or for care at home.  Some have used asset transfers and trusts to protect their estate.

Benefits Paid to you, or a provider of Long Term Care services on your behalf, only under an approved law compliant LTC policy counts toward Medicaid asset protection for purposes of Medicaid eligibility in Iowa.

To qualify for Asset Protection under the Iowa Preservation Program, you must be a resident of Iowa and apply to Iowa's Medicaid Program in order for Medicaid asset protection to be recognized.  You can receive benefits in any state and your Policy will pay benefits in any state. However, you must be living in Iowa to utilize the Medicaid asset protection you have earned.

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(**From HIAA, "Long Tern Care: Knowing the Risk and Paying the Price", 1997)

What would you do

if tomorrow morning you woke and could not get out of bed on your own or needed help taking a bath, getting dressed or feeding yourself?  Have you and your family members prepared for the emotionally and financially devastating costs of receiving Long Term Care?  If you haven't, now is the time.

Advances in medical technology and changes in lifestyle have resulted in our living healthier and longer lives than any previous generation.  The lengthening of our life span also means we are more likely to require some form of assistance with walking, bathing, dressing or eating, commonly referred to as the activities of daily living (ADL's), at some time in our lives.  This assistance, which may last weeks, months, several years or many years, has become known as Long Term Care.

Unfortunately, many Americans are unaware of the financial risks associated with needing Long Term Care Services, yet the Health Association of America currently shows nearly 1 out of 2 people turning 65 will spend time in a Nursing Facility.*

Nearly 3 out of 4 of the same group will require care at home.**  Many incorrectly believe their traditional health coverage, Medicare, Medigap Insurance and most HMO's, should cover the cost of Long Term Care.  However, these types of coverage are designed to provide benefits to cover the cost of acute healthcare services such as hospital stays and short term nursing care.  They do not cover unskilled care at home or care in an Assisted Living Facility, Personal Care Facility or most lower level facilities.

Long Term Care Services continue to evolve and adapt to our ever changing needs.  There are now many ways we can receive help when we need care/assistance.  If you were to develop a condition which would require you to receive assistance in a home or in a facility, Iowa Long Term Care Services pays for the full continuum of Long Term Care Services in the setting which will best suit your recovery.  Most importantly, it allows you to preserve your independence and quality of life, which gives you the freedom to be you.

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  • Prevent State Claim of Assets for Long Term Care Expense

  • Protect Personal Wealth

  • Protect Retirement Income

  • Allow Assets to Probate

  • Allow Spousal Continuation of Living Environment


Service is the Key


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Iowa LTC Partnership Law and the law compliant insurance plan assist  to maintain wealth .

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