Using the Executive Internet Business Card (IBC) System


The Approach - Introduction of a Marketer to a (VIP) Prospect


Whether one markets similar, identical, associated, familiar or unknown products, one needs to "stand out" above the competition, other marketers. The marketer who can immediately display  integrity and expertise, generally develops the prospect's trust first and is first to close the sale. Since most purchasing is emotional, the marketer needs the prospect's trust as soon as possible, if not immediately.  Gaining this trust is the goal of the Executive Internet Business Card and the IBC system.  The IBC contains the "sizzle" that will allow the marketer to present the "steak".


People generally buy products and services from people, not companies. A "for profit" company utilizes professional marketers. A marketer may be described as salesperson, representative, VP (vice-president), or other distinguishing title. Professional marketers need to consistently contact new prospects that become the revenue source to generate the profit. Even with a referral, a new prospect usually does not know the marketer. The prospect and the marketer are generally strangers. Without the luxury of the referral, we start cold. This results in the "cold call".  The efficient marketer needs to contact a "VIP" that is a "Very Important Person", or in marketing, is a "Very Important Prospect", who is the "decision maker" and the person that "signs the agreement" or "writes the check".  When a VIP becomes a customer or client, the marketer may introduce other products or services or initiate "market laddering". "Laddering" is marketing new or associated products and services to current customers or clients.


The Internet is as revolutionary to the marketer's cold call, referral call and client/customer relations, as it is to communications. With  technology advancements, marketing tools as audio and media business cards have become popular among the most successful marketers. It appears, used properly, a marketer should return the annual investment of $5,000 to $18,000 that these audio and media business card tools cost, many times. The Executive Internet Business Card allows the professional marketer, who feels today's audio and media business cards are above his or her investment limits, an economical alternative.


IBC Marketing Group's alternative media tool is the Executive Internet Business Card (IBC) and the IBC system. Although, the IBC does not have all the advantages of the annual $5,000 to $18,000 audio or media business card system, the IBC system covers much of the same marketing concept.  For as little as $120 annually, one has available the IBC at a small fraction of an audio or video media business card cost, effort, and time involved in the preparation, delivery and operation of other media systems.


FIVE CONTACTS RULE: The 5 Contacts Rule infers that a marketer's average number of contacts to close a sale is 5 contacts with a prospect.  Of course, the complexity of a product or service and the amount of investment and financing necessary by the prospect can influence purchase decisions and therefore the number of contacts. Most marketers do not have the opportunity to develop the prospect's trust as they can not or do not have the a way to introduce their experience and integrity to the busy prospect. The IBC system assists to solve this common dilemma, the opportunity to display the marketer's background, expertise and integrity, and "get in the door".


The Approach Solution - Introduction of a marketer to a prospect with an Executive IBC using the IBC marketing system


Many professional marketers send a brief introduction letter to 15-20 new prospects weekly, followed with a telephone call within 48 hours of estimated delivery. There in lies the first situation, the hope to receive a positive response from a stranger who has many strangers vying for a stranger's time. The marketer has to have an excellent delivery of an exciting product and/or service, or simply hope it is a lucky day that will have a number of positive prospect responses.


What if the prospect knew of a marketer's expertise, background, education, products and services and dedication to integrity?  The Internet Business Card (IBC) is the 21st Century tool to perform that education of the prospect.


Send letters, or make the cold call, or make the referral call. The referral call allows an increased possibility of an appointment, but it is not a guarantee to do business.

A call of brief introduction and purpose should be preceded by asking the prospect if he or she is busy with a customer, client or other. An "I am busy" response is common. Advise the prospect that you appreciate his or her time and that to save the prospect's time you can send an E-mail with contact information, background and services. The prospect's E-mail address is one of your first goals. Tell the prospect that if the your background and services appear sufficient or interesting, you can call later when the prospect is not as busy to see if there is a good time to visit.  The prospect has had several events happen the prospect likes, respect for his or her time, and a short, professional phone call that is over with a nice stranger, you. And, that the marketer's time is too valuable for a busy prospect stranger who may not qualify for the product or service.


Within 24 hours of the telephone contact, E-mail the prospect.  Sooner is better. With your E-mail first say "Thank-you for your time and courtesy during our telephone visit...(this, etc.)."  Many of us do not think of being courteous during a marketer's first call. It feels exceptional to be told and more exceptional that a marketer appreciates one's time. A marketer should personalize the call with a "visit" or by "visiting" with a probable customer/client in lieu of "calling on" or having a meeting or appointment. An E-mail, as most business communications, should be brief, contain a signature with all contact information and your Internet Business Card address.  A signature is your name, company, address, phone numbers (including fax and cell), E-mail address, and your IBC address (see sample below) that is automatically added to each E-mail by your E-mail software. A signature option is offered by most contact and E-mail software as "Microsoft Outlook".  For your prospect's convenience (and to be most effective) your IBC address should in the text of the E-mail, i.e. "You may view my contact information and services at (your IBC address)".  If the address is attached as a file, the prospect has another step to see your IBC, so that is not recommended. Some attachments will not allow the IBC direct access to the Internet.  Again, suggest that by viewing your Internet Business Card web page the prospect can see your background, services and photo. I try to add a little humor by suggesting, "and if my photo is too scary that I will understand if you (the prospect) never speak too me, again".


Your second contact (third if a promotional introduction letter preceded the first telephone contact) is your E-mail. The third or forth contact is when the prospect views your IBC. Most prospects appear to want to glance at your photo and background to see if this exceptional, thoughtful marketer is worthy of consideration. The power of the old cliché, "A picture is worth a thousand words", is at work. With the "ice broken", the possibility of business with the prospect, in person or by telephone, one has entered a relationship level that can lead to doing business. The fifth contact, the opportunity for an appointment to visit to share personal and business common experiences, and/or product/service information, can lead toward a business relationship. You are the lead marketer as you have four to five contacts before meeting in person or another telephone conversation. With the IBC introduction that has displayed integrity, knowledge and respect beyond your competitors, you may apply your expertise to convert a prospect to a client or customer, or better, a friend.


I wish you success with your business and life.


Ken Wheeler


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