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Consultant for Business Acquisition, Merging or Exit Planning

                                                       First Executive Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Basic Criteria for Acquisition or Merger Representation

  • Due Diligence

  • Integrity

  • Business Plan

  • Product/Service Integrity

  • Business Experience

  • Management Integrity

  • Financial Ability & Awareness

  • EBITDA Value

  • Client Integrity

  • Human Resources-Employee Integrity

  • Geographical Goals

  • Financial Goals

  • Estate & Financial Planning Goals


    An ideal Business will have the following Financial Criteria:


  • $10 - $100 million revenue

  • $1.5 - $12 million earnings

  • 5+ year history profitability

  • 40%+ gross margins

  • 14%+ net margins

  • Annual sales growth of 10%+


And the ability to Accept and Perform Exceptional Business Practices

  • Master Business Plan - Financial Projection (Proforma) Functionality

  • Record System with Transparency

  • Equity Finance or Conventional Capital

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Current Buyers for Businesses: 1) Home Warranty 2) Senior Care 3) Radon Mitigation  4) Manufacturing 

5) Tool & Die  6) Home Services  7) Insurance Company  8) Insurance General Agency  9) Tool Manufacturing


As fiduciary consultants we do not market stocks or securities.

We can recommend and assist planning for finance and significant alternative methods to stocks and other asset.

Kenneth Wheeler recommends experienced accounting and legal counsel as advisors for one's financial and estate planning.

Kenneth Wheeler is a Iowa Real Estate Broker

Kenneth Wheeler DBA Financial Exchange Coterie (FEC) is a Florida Real Estate Broker

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