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Consultant for Businesses Requiring $500k - $75 Million Finance Support    National - International


First Executive Mezzanine Debt & Equity Financing for Business or Commercial

Basic Criteria for Equity Finance Candidate

  • Integrity

  • Product/Service Integrity

  • Acceptance of Significant Advisors

  • Ability to Communicate

  • Business Experience

Ability to Accept and Perform Exceptional Business Practices

  • Business Plan Executive Summary

  • Master Business Plan

  • Financial Projection pro forma) Functionality

  • Record System with Transparency

  • Equity Finance Capital

May we show you what we can do - No Charge?

We would be happy to arrange a conference call interview to visit how we can assist your firm in achieving its business objectives and its shareholders' financial goals, or create and improve a shareholder relationship. If you have the time to provide insight into your company's business development goals, we will invest in this relationship at no cost to you by providing you with preliminary communication that can identify potential opportunities for your company.  For an Informational Interview E-mail Your Contact Detail with Goal or Request a Toll Free Fax Number - Non-Disclosure - Non- Circumvention Agreement Required - Projects may Require Accredited Investor Status