Mergers & Acquisitions Intermediary First Executive Home Investment Banking-Mezzanine Finance Consultant


  • Corporate Finance - Investor Investment Banking Consultant for:

    * Mezzanine-Mezzanine Equity

    * Franchise Start-up
    * Business Acquisition
    * Business Expansion
    * Commercial Real Estate purchase
    * Contract Execution (Option/Other)

  • Bridge-Mezzanine-Land-Construction-Alternative Collateral Loans

  • International Loans

  • Sale/Leasebacks

  • Business Ownership Coaching

  • Business Buyout Funding Contracts

  • IRS Section 1031 - 1033 - 721 Exchange Investments

  • Self-directed IRA's for land and alternative investments

  • Asset Transfer Plan Consultation

  • Asset Transfer Information Accumulation  

  • Business Plan Review

  • Strategic Comprehensive Business Planning - Master Plan Development

  • Asset Valuation

  • Merger and Acquisition

  • Retirement Benefit Analysis

  • Financial-Estate-Legacy-Philanthropic Planning Projection

  • Business Continuation - Succession Alternatives  

  • Asset Accumulation, Preservation and Transfer Alternatives

  • Environmental and Geological Control Assistance

  • Asset & Financial Prospectus Organization for Mergers and Acquisitions-Transfer Review  

  • Connection and Qualification of Prospective Buyers, Sellers, Lessees & Business Partners

  • Tax-Advantaged Asset Transfer Structuring-Tax Planning

  • Tax-Deferred Exchange Alternatives   

  • Financing Alternatives Consultation and Assistance  

  • Asset Transfer Contract Intermediation-Negotiations

  • Employee Transition Considerations

  • Customer-Client Transition Considerations

  • Business/Property Closing Transaction Assistance

  • Post-Asset Transfer Service

  • Positive Investor Relationships Goal with Referrals

  • Match Technical Services to Client  



As fiduciary consultants we do not market stocks, securities or insurances.

We can recommend and assist planning for finance and significant alternative methods to stocks and other assets.

Kenneth Wheeler recommends experienced accounting and legal counsel as advisors for one's financial and estate planning.

Kenneth Wheeler DBA Financial Exchange Coterie (FEC) is a Florida Real Estate Broker   Phone: 800.333.0801

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