Why Use the Executive Internet Business Card (IBC) System?

You Lose 25% or more of Your Prospects and may not realize why.

People are very cautious about who they will trust, especially when it comes to you, who will be asking that they accept you, your service, or product.  Money, family and health are things that prospects hold most dear so they are as a rabbit in a field of foxes when it comes to who they trust with their most precious concerns.

And, they are terrified because you, by the very nature of being in financial services or any service that accepts their investment, are aligned with infamous folks as Ken Lay of Enron, Dennis Koslowski of Tyco, Bernie Ebbers of WorldCom, the late traders in mutual funds, the churners of life insurance policies and the sellers of unsuitable investments. You are in an ocean with unscrupulous characters. People do not trust the unknown, you.


How do people judge if they should trust you? They do not generally request a credit report or criminal record check.  Many times they do an Internet search (free and easy). Most people don't know they can look up the status of your securities or insurance license. So they look for your personal website or presence on the web.


No one will call you to say, "Sorry, I don't want to work with you because there's no way I can ascertain your legitimacy; I could not find you on the web." Instead, when you call, they say, "Let me think about it," or "I'm not really ready to make a decision now," or “send me a letter or card for my file.”

Baby boomers spend almost as much time on the Internet as they do watching TV.  The Internet has become the principal source of information for many.  Research shows that the 4 million wealthiest seniors are heavy Internet users.  Everyday, prospects may inquire about you, but they can not find you if you do not have a web presence. However, you can fix that in minutes.

Why you would not want to have superior credibility, a way for prospects to trust you, as well as the following benefits?

·        You impress your prospect with an IBC with useful and informative articles, information of services, and products that allow you to fulfill a basic law of the universe: "give before you get".                                                                                              

·        When people receive your E-mail or business card they can see your IBC address.  They can visit your IBC and "safely" check you out.

·        Prospects can see from your IBC that you serve to educate them first, the mark of a professional, not a sales person.

·        Prospects feel like they know you because they see the picture of you and possibly your family, as well as your background information, on your website (and people do business with people they know).

·        Prospects see that you know a lot about service and product issues with the content of your IBC.  The prospect feels you must have a staff or subcontractors including a IBC designer.

·        You appear solid because in the electronic age with an IBC web presence as your permanent "location," as some may reside at an office building.  People feel that they can find you.

·        You use your IBC to make a high impact, positive first impression because research about first impressions shows that people decide to do business with you in just 4 seconds.

Order your IBC and distinguish yourself, or e-mail us with questions.


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