Integrated Property Management (IPM)

IPM Comprehensive Managed Real Estate for Acquisition

Texas and Oklahoma Income Property  (plus other states)

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Passive direct ownership with significant income and maximum deductions!


 Significant benefits for IPM income property rehab

Compare to managed commercial or land crop property

IPM model strong points deal minimize owner risk and management

  • Absolute - comprehensive management
  • Collect - harvest current production
  • Monthly income with tax discount
  • Tax Benefits-Most significant tax advantages for all income classes
  • No debt - zero debt operation
  • Fixed price-one price - no future cash calls
  • Owner receives and holds recorded deed
  • Rehab-update - modernize-efficient
  • Improve yield 3 - 5 times = Asset appreciation
  • Two-year exit goal-take asset appreciation profit
  • Tax deferral-defer capital gains (IRS 1031 qualified)
  • No drilling expense or time - No drilling
  • Certified annual audit with end of project audit

Properties currently available 

approximately 80 properties

presently for acquisition

5,400 Acres+ Contiguous TX

6,500 Acres+ Contiguous TX


30,000 Acres+ Non-Contiguous TX


*7,700 + or - Coal-Timber Acres

Contiguous WV

*Managed by Request

Smaller acres available

Private property inventory varies

Other states available

Absolute Management by Integrated Property Management   IPM   Naples, FL    Sarasota, FL    Houston, TX     Abilene, TX



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