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Dixie is Certified as an Iridologist, Herbalist & Kinesiologist. She is one of the first Iridologists in Iowa studying 32 years ago when Iridology was almost unheard of in the Midwest.  Iridology is a scientific study of the iris of the eye.  Study of one's iris reveals every part and organ of the body.  In addition, through various marks and discoloration in the iris, nature may reveal inherited weaknesses and strengths. Kinesiology is a method of testing the bodies reaction to certain foods, drugs, vitamins or herbal supplements. 

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Iridology Analysis


Potential Key Benefits

  • To assist determining your health level.

  • To assist determining your inherited strengths and weaknesses.

  • Non-Invasive and economical.

Potential Capabilities:

  • Inflammation Location:  May reveal where inflammation is present.

  • Body Activity Levels: May reveal if any part of your body is overactive or under active.

  • Problem Location: May reveal where problems are occurring in one's body.

To do a proper analysis, one must view at both the right and left iris and more importantly, ask questions and talk to the Client.  It requires two persons to do an iris analysis.  (The Iridologist and The Client)

An Iridologist cannot and should not diagnose disease from the iris of the eye.



Some Markings Seen in the Iris


Structural types by their fiber patterns



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