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We are an economical investment banker advisory service to assist building/financing new business and also merger-exit strategies for current businesses with succession action.  Our client base is the high integrity entrepreneur with a finance support need of $1 million to $100 million.  We do not market stock. We advise how to prepare to market stock.


Current experienced Investment Banking professional organizations assist to procure $25 million or more with $100 million minimums by the larger known companies. Hundreds of thousands of dollars if not several millions of dollars are required to accomplish stock finance. We have economical alternatives to assist one to reach $1 million and more equity finance goals.


Follows is an outline of criteria for eligible new business:

1)    Client integrity

2)    Product/service integrity

3)    Client acceptance of exceptional business practices

 (as business plan-pro forma-advisors-records-communication-transparency)

4)    Client acceptance of significant advisors

5)    Client ability to communicate

6)    Client business experience

7)    Client ability to finance expansion

We may or may not be the investment banking business intermediary and consultant for a particular business, product/service or entity VIPs.   If there is an agreement, exceptional businesses practices description is part of the agreement. With an agreement follows more information accumulation that produces a business action guide and time line to accomplish goals.


With confidentiality agreements in place we begin the process of finding if there is client-consultant common ground.  This includes business and personal history so that parties become familiar to determine in an informed timely manner if we wish to do business.


General procedure is to be introduced to a potential client to start the interview visits.

An agreement with you can allow your time and experienced business advice to be part of the new or current client entity.

Due to securities regulation, we as consultants do not market stock or securities, but advise and can recommend the alternative methods.

There are known persons capable of being directly employed by the client as a financial officer that could assist to perform company finance and investment funds as an employee.

As intermediary and consultant we can introduce interested parties and be close to consult or clarify parties interest.  If we have a client with our potential goals thee are many parties to visit.


Follows is the event procedure outline.  No.ís 1-4 determine if we have business in common with our potential client.

No. 8 A-C , more specifically the pro forma, will determine if and how the cash flow supports the effort.


1)     Business Action Introduction Outline

2)      Confidentiality Agreement

3)      Client-Intermediary Consultant Interview Visits

A)     Clients goals/integrity

B)     Product/Service Integrity

C)     Client business practices

4)      Business in common decision

5)      Verbal Agreement to offer contract

6)      Contract Agreements

7)      Review Business Action Outline

8)      Implement Business Action

A)     Business Advisors

B)     Business Entity

C)     Proforma

D)     Business Plan Outline

E)     Business Action Plan Outline - Timeline Goals

F)     Implementation

G)    Consistent Business - Action Plan Reviews

E)    Positive Investor Referral Relationship


The business action plan is not offered until agreements are in place. The business plan and proforma production is not part of an Investment Banker Consultant obligation, but am involved as a close advisor to their writing.  To determine a cash flow the client and First Executive should work this proforma financial projection together, otherwise CPAs and others can charge $5k-$15k and business plans can be $500-$35k with little or no accuracy in fact.  As intermediary and consultant, it is recommended initial development be closely monitored by the client and First Executive and performed with the client.


Thank you.


Ken Wheeler

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